mombrain and sticky DNA 

Published in Frontiers in Sociology 

Full title: “Mombrain and Sticky DNA”: The Impacts of Neurobiological and Epigenetic Framings of Motherhood on Women's Subjectivities


untitled 
An impressionistic narrative short film about memory, the experience of time, and a poetic rethinking of neuroscientific narratives on the brain. It is also a coming-of-age story: a young girl realizes she is an old woman and an old woman realizes she is a child

eidsvoll 
A multimedia installation that manifests as numerous portraits — of family members, of a house, of self— and operates as an at times playful, at times melancholy exploration of materiality and recollection in a cultural moment of planned obsolescence and digitally-mediated experience and memory 

bioloop 
An archival cinematic collage that evokes the experience of consuming pregnancy and motherhood content in our contemporary digital media ecosystem

the spectator 
An experimental short film about subjectivity and screens

unbroken courage 
Multimedia creative nonfiction piece supported by the Pulitzer Center and Published in the August 2020 Issue of the Mekong Review. Nominated for an RFK Journalism Award

meditation, medication, molecularization 
For more on my broader Pulitzer Center-supported documentary work


I’m also a vocalist and have made some musical appearances. If you were frequenting the Cake Shop, Pianos, Fat Baby, Niagara or a few other venues in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan circa 2017-2019, you may have seen me mic-in-hand with the lads of Ca$h4Gold. I also have been behind NPR’s Tiny Desk, supporting a particularly special act 

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